Strada 115 (assembled on 2012 07 30), a velomobile built in the Netherlands by, is not quite a standard specimen. Besides all options available at the time of its construction (twin head lights, turning signals, horn and a second mirror) it was equipped with Avid BB7 disc brakes. I don't know if this also added to its track width but the turning radius is below 5m, enabling me to ride it more or less like my other recumbents. added a vizor, an Astro 5 damper and a Versatile roof to my Strada on my request.

On this site you'll (hopefully) find my maintenance log, general remarks and usage logs. And one dire warning: If you like your bicycle(s) do not buy a velomobile. Really. I mean it. Maybe barring exceptional rises you'll always try finding a reason to ride the VM.

Just in case you are wondering about the obvious lack of pictures: I dislike taking photos, I've taken less than 100 pictures in more than 45 years and I won't change that. If you believe that something really needs some closer look you're welcome to send me a mail and I'll try my very best.

My Strada has been ordered from a local dealer, Low-Rider at Frechen-Königsdorf who will support me in further customizations like the addition of a SON XS-M dynamo.