I share the road – well, I don't. I'll keep it.
"Sharing the road" is an interesting expression. It's meaning seems to have been lost in the dark ages (and in some cases it's morphed into putting stupid stickers somewhere, vandalizing ugly places even more).
Today I found out the hard way that not insisting on your rights (meaning not driving so far to the left of the lane that you got at least space for another velomobile to your right) implies an invitation to pass you with less than 20cm on your left (preferably immediately in front of a red traffic light which will make it an even less useful act of violence). Driving so fearfully that you imply wanting to kiss their tailpipes for the right to take a deep breath from them is obviously wrong (don't behave like a victim or you'll be one rather soon) but even being cooperative is a serious mistake. So instead of sharing the road I decided to take what's mine and keep it as long as I'm riding on it. Instead of being even more dangerous life actually became easier as car drivers suddenly treat me like one (albeit a rather slow one) of their own kind, keeping more distance and being much more likely to respect my rights.

These car drivers are seriously strange people.Have I ever been driving like that?