GPS Navigation and Carbon Fibers

… don't mix well. But at least there is a solution.
I've been using the (for my purposes) perfect GPS device for nearly two years now: A Garmin GPSmap 62s. Fast, water proof, replaceable batteries, microSD storage for additional 32 GBytes (offering enough space for topographic maps of entire Europe in addition to the City Navigator and a few OSM-based maps). But the first time I used it inside my Strada the GPS reception quality went from 3m precision down to 20m. As I'm not only using the device for navigation but also as bike computer and track recorder this was not really acceptable. Further research showed that I had two options left: The new eTrex series (which would be augmenting the precision by also using GLONASS satellites) and the Montana series.
Incidentally a friend of mine asked me to order a Garmin Montana 600 which I could use for a few days. First experiments showed a surprisingly fast and accurate device with a much better touch screen than the Oregon series so I decided to buy one of them for myself.
To mount it I had install a RAM Mount RAM-B-231 handle bar base (later on I found out that a RAM-B-259U would have done as well without drilling holes into the body) connecting a RAM Montana holder (RAM-HOL-GA46U) via two RAM-B-201U-A and a double ball (RAM-B-230U)). Vibrations are minimal and the unit is out of the way.