I don't fit...

… into a Quest.
So I went to Dronten.
I wanted to order a Quest.
Jos took a look at me and pulled out the Strada.
"This doesn't look like a quest. I can see wheels."
"It isn't. Just try it for size."
The rest is the story of my life. Whenever my mother went shopping with me I ended up getting things for bigger (not to say "larger") children. As I never liked oftt-the-shelf suites I usually have them made by a tailor. Why should my shoulders have fit into a Quest if there was a slightly wider Strada?
I'm not complaining; I never had that much fun with any bicycle before (even though I like my ICE Sprint and my Catbike Musashi).

The even more ridiculous part: My wife wanted to buy a Strada. The same happened to her – she ended up with a Quest XS. A turning radius like a truck (which was the reason why she wanted to buy a Strada). Jos looked at her, shook his head and pulled out the Quest.

Nevertheless we both ordered what was obviously right for us. And like it.

This is the official record of its conception:

2012-02-09 13.39.02