Right now Quest 620 is sitting right besides Strada 115 in our stables. Time to compare both.
People are wondering all the time how a Strada compares to a similar equipped Quest. Right now I've got the opportunity to compare both. I've been riding the Quest on one of my standard training tracks (37 km of high grade roads passing through a number of cities) getting used to it (i. e. cornering very carefully and trying to brake before I even have reason to believe I might need it).

  • Speed. The Quest is faster. Seriously so. I'm not on of the fastest riders on the planet, feeling quite happy when I'm getting an average speed around 30 km/h on that track. Riding the Quest I raised that to 32,5 km/h (and considering the fact that I was slowing down to a crawl at every roundabout and had to accelerate afterwards this could have been even more).
  • The Strada is much more stable, clinging to the road like a bulldog. One roundabout I can pass at 40 km/h and more without even feeling much of it made me wonder how QuestXS 23 wand its puny 55kg of a rider are even staying on the road at 30 km/h. I was scared at 25. It's a good thing that I'm an experienced randonneur – I'm always carrying a package of moist
  • Brakes. This is less of a Quest-thing. Strada 115 got disk brakes (lowly AVID BB7 – but who cares?) and it shows. I'm braking "tactically", waiting for the last opportunity as there are a number of traffic lights intended to slow you down before turning green. In my Strada I just race towards them and if they shouldn't turn green in time (as there might be some real reason for them to remain red) I'm pulling the brakes. The Quest demands "strategic braking". There is a green traffic light ahead? Pull the brake, you might need that later. (Of course… I was going at 55 km/h in places where I didn't ever pass 45km/h before).
  • Cornering. Hm. Yes. The Strada shows some kind of manoeuverability that will permit me to drive around a Quest in small circles while singing happy songs. There are quite a few locations where a Quest is moving forward and backward like a beached whale to get around and reversing it can be quite an adventure with traffic around you. So if you need agility just forget the Quest.
  • Comfort. Maybe I'm just used to it but a Strada feels less like a coffin to me and the "headrest" is really fitting without anything squeezing my neck.
  • Maintenance. I'm still afraid of having to change a tube.
  • Noise. The Quest seems to be much louder than the Strada. But that might be a result of the repairs the Strada received which changed the resonance properties.
  • Schuimdeksel. While the *censored* lid is aways either getting into the way of my feet or just falling off its "rails" inside my Strada it is staying where it is supposed to be in the Quest. This might be a good reason for buying a Quest (yes, I'm seriously pissed about that).