Idea: SON hub dynamo

All those gadgets need food...
I've already lost power on a ride. Out there in the wilds. Of course.

As I'm not too keen on repeating the experience of riding hours without seeing where I'm going (the Strada itself is lighting up like a christmas tree if you throw a few photons towards it but the rest of the environment usually won't do that for me) I will have to find some remedy for this. Buying another rechargeable battery will probably lead to the same situation as I'll probably forget charging it. Using a battery enclosure that can be (re-)filled if needed seems to be a good idea for emergencies if you are able to find a place selling you batteries at night (it wouldn't be an emergency during the day, would it) so this would be a good idea Germany or the Netherlands but rather useless in northern France (where you won't find food or even water during the night).

As my Strada is sporting shiny disk brakes I've got yet another option: A SON hub dynamo for trikes. The Anthrotech version of the SON XS-M should be fitting quite well. We'll see.