Waiting for Wim's equipment (ordered in December 2012) I had the opportunity to get my hands on Sinner's Tourkap…
… and after getting my hands on that contraption I put it on my Strada. Fits. Nicely.

And made me wondering if ordering the was such a good idea. Even on a rather cool day it turned my Strada into a mobile sauna (or rather something like a steam bath). But besides that it gave me some aerodynamic advantage. After using it for a few hours I'm a bit unhappy about the design. To quote Sinner: "Side view and ventilation are provided by the side openings. These can be closed off for race use for that little extra aerodynamic efficiency." I can't see this advantage. All I'm getting through these openings are noise and rain hitting the sides of my face; it seems to be as useful like the Versatile roof in that respect. As soon as I'm going slower than 20 km/h I have to raise the visor in order to have a clear view forward and get some air to breathe. And as soon as the visor is (just partially) open aerodynamics are suffering greatly.

To make things worse: If you put it on your VM and found out during the ride that using it was a bad idea there is no bloody way to get rid of it or putting it away. You have to suffer until you'll finally get home. If you do.

Carbon warning: It is really dampening GPS signals. Even my very sensitive Garmin Montana which is working well in my Strada (accuracy of 3m compared to 18m with a GPSmap 62) is getting down to an accuracy of 20m (and the GPSmap 62 is giving up completely).

Recommendation: Not really worth buying.