Astro 5 damper

My Strada was equipped with a Risse's Atro 5 damper at Dronten so I never gained much experience with the standard element (there was one in the demo velomobile but I don't know how old and how badly abused it might have been). My test ride was reminding me of sex in an undamped water bed (but without throwing up afterwards) so I didn't like it that much so I asked for a Risse damper and it took only a minute for Ymte to appear with one on them. Positive side effect: The regular damper wasn't wasted by swapping them later.

I've filled the Astro 5 up to nearly 8 bar and it is working quite well; if I'm riding around with an empty VM or forced into some rougher areas (like the Netherlands and their paved roads) I'm using the softer setting of the damper; if I'm carrying a bit more of a load or riding really nice roads I'm turning up the dampening. It's working well for me. The initial experiment at 9 bar (with the dampening adjusted to the softest possible setting) was not that successful as I lost traction in Belgium (on roads that were littered with bio-drempels, to be fair).


[20121029] Addition: I started hating suspension when I got my first trike (a 2009 German Panzerbike fx with rear suspension) which tended to behave like a tired horse whenever I had to put some power into the drive train and I've spent more than 4000 km now waiting for something like that to happen. But even on a 10% incline I never had the feeling of kicking into a pot of honey which I already got by carelessly trying to get away from the snails at a green traffic light. So it seems that not all suspension is created equal. It also seems to be mor important how much dampening I addd to the suspension than what pressure I select so I really have to recommend the Astro 5 over the less expensive Genesis model.