Brake Pads

Brake pads shouldn't be arcane magic, right?
But they are.

Right now I tried the AVID originals that came with the brakes (installed by which were about average and felt like my ICE Sprint's brakes, BBB sintered metallic pads, AVID sintered metallic spares and arrived at SwissStop Disc17 now. I wouldn't buy SRAM/AVID spares again as they were too expensive, are the least efficient (except n providing a satisfying crunching sound that makes the hair on your legs just fall off in awe) and generally don't last that long. The SwissStop are even more expensive but when pulling the brakes for the first time I wondered if I accidentally engaged the seat ejection before remembering that I was flying a fighter bike, not a fighter plane.

Added 20130707: Yesterday I really saw the difference. A Quest (with 35kg less weight on board) nearly crashed into me when I really had to slow down suddenly (and I didn't even brake *that* hard, I like my tires round). As its rider was quite good at his job it passed me with a few cm on the side – and stopped 20 m in front of me. No Sleepy Archer drums for me, please.