It looks like I've destroyers my first VM. Or at least seriously damaged it.
Maybe I should return my driving license. I've not been paying attention to the road for a few seconds and the next thing I noticed was the sound of an exploding bomb. Only that it wasn't a bomb – it was the tail of another VM. Both VMs are seriously messed up.
So what do you do at 17:30 in the middle of nowhere with two immobilized (one missing front lights, the other one its entire back) whales? I called my dealer first and Ymte next. Low-Rider immediately organized a van and (in the form of Ymte) promised to be at the shop whenever we would arrive there. At 22:00 both patients were admitted at the emergency room.
The worst thing besides having thoroughly destroyed two velomobiles? Ymte's remark about having seen the results of velomobiles hitting each other before but that this amount of damage was a new record. I never wanted to get into the hall f fame with that kind of an achievement.

[added later] Now – a few months after those repairs I finally noticed the advantage: The asymmetry of the repaired shell is seriously dampening resonances and my Strada is (at least for me) a lot quieter, especially on a rougher road or cobbles.