"Mountains… Ahhhh…
Watakushi no kioku ga tashika naraba, mountains are those things which are white on top. Young one, you are talking about hills…"
So I'm talking about hills. Big difference; it doesn't matter if the altitude is measured with four digits or three, it's the incline that is killing me.

Actually the Dutch don't know hills (except the inhabitants of Limburg (but they don't really want to belong to the Netherlands so you better don't call them Dutch anyway) which is one of the reasons they never cared as much for weight as they care for aerodynamics (if there are no hills the wind will be your worst enemy which is even worse closer to the sea). Getting an inhabited Strada across a hill isn't that much fun. Things are getting less tiring if you give up on aerodynamics and hang your arms outside, lifting your back into a more efficient position that closely resembles sitting on a racing bike. And while we're at it: Changing gear under heavy load isn't a good idea at all; I tried it today and all I got were dirty fingers as the chain insisted on leaving the chain ring in protest. Loss of propulsion at 5% incline really means "backward is the new forward".