Pack rat on wheels

The dangers of having a cargo bay mounted on a bike...
My first contact with the strange habits of velomobilists at the Lowlands 1200 that took place in July 2010 was intriguing. I was working at the cheek point at Maastricht when yet another Quest was pushed into the building and the driver moved his seat forward, pulled out a bathrobe, a towel, a large package of bathing utensils and flip-flops. To do so he had to move aside an assortment of tin cans containing family-sized portions of peaches or fruit salad. His entire vehicle was stuffed full of things I would not have considered necessary or practical for a brevet at all.
The Quest looked like a mobile home.
I was shocked. How could someone ride 1200km ultra brevet with that much stuff I wouldn't wanted to be caught dead with on a ride like that? A bloody bathrobe? Get serious.
"You've been riding VMs for years, carrying all these things with you because you know you will need them, right?"
"No, I got my quest four months ago – these things just keep accumulating in here somehow."

So I went to Oldenburg. Less than 400km per ride, staying there for two nights. And guess what? I didn't know how to get everything into the Strada. There was enough space for all of it including myself, of course, but it took serious Tetris powers of the best Quest XS rider I know to get the things stuffed into all the corners available.
I guess I'll need a good psychologist that heals my impulse to take everything with me; maybe I'll even get faster that way.

I was missing my bathrobe and my flip-flops at Oldenburg. Seriously.