Sports Cars

More to the point: Their Drivers. Seriously – what's wrong with them?
Ive noticed something remarkable: I always expected taxi drivers to be my natural born enemy on the road (as I consequently refuse to ride the bike lanes). Wrong. Totally so. There are only two kinds of people that are endangering me. Policemen in unmarked cars trying to run me off the road on purpose (that happening in the Netherlands – where else?) and sports car drivers in second-rate, budget version vehicles. It's the Mercedes SLK, the BMW Z4 or the Audi TT, but never the Mercedes SL or SLS . I guess that's the problem with buying a sports car if your money didn't suffice to get penis extension: If your money won't get you a bigger dick, the car you'll be able to afford won't do the trick either.

So guys: Please desist from using us as punching bags. You could use your hands much more effective than honking horns or gripping wheels for your relaxation.