The never-ending drama.

Do I want to ride fast and spend time on patching tires? In that case I should get narrow rims and mount Schwalbe Durano 28-406 in front; Ultremo ZX could be even faster (but even less resilient). Or use Schwalbe Kojak 35-406 on my current rims.
Experience with Kojaks on Trikes shows that they aren't the best choice. They are collecting glass and pieces of metal like vacuum cleaners and aren't very puncture resistant. After only 1000km the last set I've got is looking like survivors of a horror movie with extensive knife massacre scenes. But the Marathon Racers I've got now aren't much better and reduced the speed of my trike by 15% compared to the Kojaks. Marathon Plus would be virtually indestructible but I could add a trailer loaded with a few stones if I'm feeling like that.

The same questions apply to the rear tire. After the detonation of the original Vredestein Perfect Moiree the only replacement I could get on the spot was a Schwalbe Marathon Supreme 42-559 which might not have been my first choice but it is surprisingly bullet proof. I removed quite a bit of glass (splinters up to 7mm) without any flat tires yet. Having ordered a Schwalbe Durano Plus (whose 25-622 brother is working hard on my Musashi for more than 9000km without a single puncture) and a Kojak 35-559 I'll try both to see if the Durano Plus is working for me.

Decisions… I have to make them myself; last time someone else made them for me I ended up with Vredestein which didn't really suit me well.

20120922: I swapped the Marathon Racers with the Kojaks (35-406, wire bead) I had on my trike (which I'm not using much lately). The only thing I'm observing is a slight improvement in accelerating; the top speed stayed the same. I guess the tires won't replace the pedaling for now.