Tools and where to put them

Having a flat tire in the pouring rain in the middle of nowhere is no fun. Not finding your tools is even better…
So I had a flat tire. Ok, happens. In the pouring rain. Far away from any traces of civilization. In the center of a puddle aspiring to become a pond as the ducks were already waiting (if I had needed something to find the hole in my tube I would have liked it). Opening my tool bag I dropped my Topeak Alien multitool into the water. Getting my head lamp out of the bag (after finding it by touch) I had to find something to open the bloody thing to get new batteries in. When I finally had some serious light (there is nothing wrong with the emergency light of the Strada besides the fact that I would need a fourth arm to hod it during repairs) I was dripping wet and had dropped (and dived for) about every tool of my toolkit. The (brand new) Schwalbe tube needed seriously tightening of the vent (they alway need that so remember to carry some tool in case you have to buy some) and I obviously forgot that. The (not so cheap Topeak Turbo Morph) pump disintegrated on the first try so I had to do with a 16g CO2 capsule (something that will fill an 25-622 tire to 9 bar), trying not to shock the waiting ducks with a loud bang.

Lesson learnt: I need some lightweight container for my tools where everything has a fixed place for all tools that can be memorized, nothing will fall out and the bloody head light will have to be the first thing I will get my hands on (with replacement batteries being the second). I will replace the headlight with a model that won't turn itself on and won't need serious tools to replace the batteries. This probably means I'm looking for a tool belt or vest (maybe even a fishing vest) that can double as toolbox. High visibility might be an additional feature I'd like but that seems to be asking too much.

Other important knowledge gained: Tools have to be working out of the box. The only pumps that worked for me were the Lezyne Road Drive (before the hose which is kept inside the handle) corroded badly enough to refuse coming out when I needed it) and the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HP which I bought later for another toolkit. The same goes for lamps – having to assemble them in the dark before using them defeats their purpose.