This is the repair and maintenance log of my Strada, listing all relevant events in reverse chronological order (which – I know – many people hate but it will make life easier if it should get longer).


20131130 (16814,50 km) (10 €)
Rear wheel axle
When we swapped the swingarm in May we didn't see any trace of wear and tear. Now the axle lost about 0.6 mm of material in the area of the ball bearings.
20131021 (16814,50 km) (32 €)
Brake pads (both sides)
BBB again. The left side was down to the metal, the ones on the right side weren't even half gone. I don't know how I did that. 4000 km wasn't that good (the last pair of BBB lasted close to 6000 km).
20131021 (16814,50 km) (25 € + 7€)
FL tire and tube
Another one bit the dust. Obviously too strongly – somehow it got a hole doing so.
20131018 (16611,33 km) (20 €)
Right turn signal
"The right side will have to get the same resistor treatment soon."
It never did. Result: One LED dead and the entire chain of LEDs didn't work until they all were replaced. It was impressive to see the LEDs being replaced through the gear maintenance opening – I guess a bike technician could teach a veterinarian q few tricks.
20130907 (15225,41 km)
[whatever that thing might be called]
The elastic disc between suspension and body of the right wheel crumbled apart and had to be replaced with a similar piece cut from an old tire. Taking a look at the left wheel it's looking like needing a replacement, too.
20130907 (15225,41 km) (35 €)
Replaced the original part with a Shimano 11-34. The old one we looking surprisingly good but I had some problem with stop-and-go traffic uphill.
20130817 (14552,19 km) (25 € + 7€)
FL tire and tube
As it was really dark I don't know the cause but the tire was cut open as if I had been trying to ride on a knife. But I wasn't that fast this time so it didn't scare me that much.
20130702 (13966,14 km)
Seems the KMC Misslng Link™ chain joint went AWOL. Quite some new experience to fix that by the light of a phone booth never having done this before. At least I didn't have to find the chain first.
20130731 (13807,14 km, 13811,51 km, 13834,67 km)
FR inner tube
FR rim tape (5 €)
The first one looked like someone used a needle somewhere close to the rim. As I was already late I didn't pull the tire off. Bad mistake: Yet another rim tape had moved aside already uncovering the spokes. The second tube exploded while I was cutting a corner at about 30 km/h which didn't really help but the Strada didn't really try killing me. I replaced the Zefal rim tape with another brand I had on hand (don't you alway carry a spare, too?). Arriving at my destination I was down to minimum pressure again thanks to the valve in a brand new tube.
20130726 (13701,41 km)
extensive gear maintenance
bottom bracket (25 €)
chains (70€)
chain rings (upgraded to 30-45-57) (90€)
idler (30€)
I was annoyed by the sound of the drive train and a constant clicking of some links in the chain. The ISIS bottom bracket's ball bearings were feeling crunchy and the idler wanted to grate my nerves. I also felt that it was time for some larger chain rings so I had the Wizard of Königsdorf do it all at once.
20130723 (13470,22 km)
Risse Astro 5 shock
It is back; I filled tit to 7 bar and maybe giving it some tender strokes will motivate it to live a bit longer than its predecessor.
20130706 (13315,08 km) (25 € + 7€)
FR tire and tube
Explosion at 30 km/h – sounded and looked like being shot at with all the talcum leaving. The tire would have been good for another thousand km without the hole. It seems that adjusting the toe-in really helps squeezing the expected 5000km out of Schwalbe Kojaks.
20130612 (12850,51km) (42 €)
Brake pads (both sides)
Another replacement after "only" 5629 km. The AVID genuine spares (sintered metallic version) were obviously worse than the BBB. They didn't brake as hard as the first set and were sounding like a sander at high speed so I replaced them before they really had to go (1/3 of them was still left). The (quite expensive, compared to BBB) replacements are SwisStop Disc17 (no s – the organic version); I'm wondering how far I'll be getting with them but my first trial run pointed out that I will have to be very careful with them or I'll have to change tires after braking. It felt like driving into a wall (or into another Quest at more than 30 km/h – and trust me, I know this feeling too well).
20130518 (11310,57 km)
rear swingarm
Even though my preferred bicycle specialist spent more than an hour on getting my gear to behave (which started getting more than a bit erratic a thousand km ago) it didn't work too well so he took a closer look at the gear from the inside of the bike.I noticed my rear wheel not being aligned to the longitudinal axis of the bike. So he took a closer look at the swingarm – which was showing a serious crack. Definitely a show stopper. Considering the fact that I was at Dronten two days ago to collect some parts this was relatively bad timing for this to happen And worst: The weather is bad enough not to enjoy riding my other bikes at all.
20130515 (11126,58 km)
Risse Astro 5 shock
After slowly losing its pressure a few times (taking a few hours to go down to 2 bar) it completely lost it during a ride. I had to call a friend of mine at 22:30 to get me home. I drove to the next day to get a replacement but as they were out of Astro 5s I took a (rider's-)weight-adjusted standard part which didn't really feel like the Risse shock.
20130422 (9824,32 km)
Front Tires, part II
Stelvio Kojak
20130421 (9693,71 km) (28 €)
Front Tires
Both tires were shredded riding through the Netherlands and Belgium. Even though the left one didn't look too bad 360km ago (see entry below – we checked it before inserting another tube) the left one is showing the cloth layer and the right one is so far gone that the blue anti-puncture layer is visible.
The left one got a temporary replacement (a 28-406 Stelvio) – I have to find another Kojak at home.
20130420 (9363,33 km)
FL inner tube
I've been riding through lots of glass lately – seems I succeeded in puncturing the tire.
20130315 (8146,66 km) (probably expensive) (definitely expensive – but much less than I feared)
Frontal hit into the back of Quest XS 23
It is looking like a complete loss to me; upper and lower part of the shell are cracked, lamps torn off and the boom was at least bent. It has been admitted to the emergency room at Dronten at 21:40.
20130228 (7221,46 km) (28 €)
Brake pads (both sides)
One pad was nearly gone and the rest didn't look that good to me either. But 7200 km are quite some wear (and on my trike they never lasted for more than 2000 km).
20130228 (7221,46 km) (28 €)
Brake pads (both sides)
One pad was nearly gone and the rest didn't look that good to me either. But 7200 km are quite some wear (and on my trike they never lasted for more than 2000 km).
20130228 (7221,46 km)
Front Tires
I declare winter to be gone. Winter: Go. Kojaks are back, the Marathon Plus are going to have a summer break after 1332,26 km.
20130204 (6404,2 km) (35 €)
Rear tire
The trusty Durano is looking like having travelled across the asteroid belt. I've removed about 90 serious pieces of glass (none of which got through – it can't be that bad a product). As I had a Durano Plus on stock I'm testing that one.
I don't know yet if I have to write the old Durano off as I'm still plucking decent parts of broken bottles from it; I should recycle all that glass.
20130110 (5889,2 km) (70 €)
Front Tires
It's winter. I added two Marathon Plus 35-406 to my collection and put the Duranos away for a better time. I also got hold of a Marathon Winter 35-559 in case I need more traction.


20121016 (3638,4 km) (25 €)
FR tire
I replaced the old one after finding numerous holes going through all layers. FL will follow soon (although it doesn't have similar damage – I wonder how I did that).
20121107 (4189,22 km)
FL inner tube
Yet another tube has been beheaded by cutting off the valve. I added soft Schrader to Sclaverand adapters to the rims but that seems to be an incomplete solution. I guess I have to get new rims.
20121030 (4080,4 km) (120 €)
LF wheel
Hit the curb and twisted the axle. The wheel didn't suffer but everything else got quite a hit. Immediate show-stopper. Martin at Low-Rider sacrificed his day off to repair it as far as possible using a spare part from an ICE trike; I guess mine is the only Strada with a quick release front wheel. Now I'm waiting for a new part from

Yes. Stupidity hurts. You should have seen my face after I damaged my Strada.
20121028 (3998 km) (4 €)
5A Fuse
Obviously my 12V set up needs some rethinking. The fuse burnt out when I used my horn while the light was on. This seems to have ben more than anyone ever thought (60 W – but I've seen the light dimming before when I was using the horn).
20121016 (3638,4 km) (15 €)
FR tire
I replaced the old one after finding numerous holes going through all layers. FL will follow soon (although it doesn't have similar damage – I wonder how I did that).
20121016 (3638,4 km)
FR inner tube
Well… I shouldn't have expected foo much of the old Schwalbe Kojaks I mounted
20121003 (3404,2 km)
FL inner tube
Flat, serious puncture (you can actually see it). It was dark and raining hard; I could have rammed a cactus without seeing it.
20121003 (3340,5 km)
headlight range adjustment lever
It just fell off as the screw just came undone. I'll have to add washers or it will fail again.
20120917 (2711,4 km) (20,-- €)
FL tire
Preventive maintenance: The last remaining Perfect Moiree was replaced by another Marathon Racer that was hanging around in the garage. They will be retired as soon as two Schwalbe Kojak 35-406 and a Schwalbe Durano Plus 35-559 have arrived.
20120916 (2680,4 km) (20,-- €)
FR tire
As I had it off already and didn't know whether the Kojak (used for more than 5000 km before I got it) was reliable a Marathon Racer was installed. This is much better together with the last surviving Perfect Moiree.
20120916 (2680,4 km)
FL inner tube
Flat, snake bite. As I was gradually getting slower during the night I might have lost some air over time.
20120913 (2139,9 km)
FL tire (Vredestein Perfect Moiree)
Developing a veritable bump. As the rear tire exploded spectacularly it was replaced by a(n old) Schwalbe Kojak I have been lent.
20120819 (1085,8 km)
FR inner tube
Flat, quite some hole. A really lucky coincidence: It happened right in front of a place with ample supplies.
Replaced by a donation from Radplan Delta.
20120814 (1016.4 km) (40,-- €)
Rear tire (Vredestein Perfect Moiree)
The tire literally exploded going at about 25km/h on a bike path along a busy street, throwing me into the traffic. I guess that riding it for more than 600km with a pressure below the minimum (1.4bar instead of at least 3) was not really helpful.
Replaced by a Schwalbe Marathon Supreme 42-559.
20120727 (420 km)
Left turn signal
One LED invisible, the rest nearly invisible. Analysis shows that the LEDs are specified for 2V (i. e. four in line shouldn't get more than 8V but they are driven by 12V which would be ok if they were white).
Replacement sent by
The right side will have to get the same resistor treatment soon.
20120727 (300 km)
Just stopped working – the only noise I'm getting out of it is some single click when pressing the button and another on release.
Replacement sent by