Dronten ⟶ Bonn

It seems that Velomobiel.nl got someone to improve the roads around Dronten as they are getting worse with every meter you're further away.

The track needs some major rearrangements (so I will probably publish the next attempt instead). Epe is a catastrophe waiting to devour the unaware bicyclist. Signs leading onto strange paths which will just vanish make you feel at home (if you happen to be living at Bonn, that is). Appeldoorn is not the most bike-friendly place either, it is seriously lacking a few hints how to get around it.

Worst thing about the ride was the weather; I left Dronten around 19:00 at -1°C and during the night temperatures went down to -6°C around 2:00 with quite some dense fog in a few places. This didn't really encourage me to drink regularly or take a break (when I had to stop forced by an urgent call by nature I found a 4mm layer of ice on the outside of my Strada) for which I had to pay by 6:00 when I completely ran out of readily available calories after missing closing times of all McDonald's between Xanten and Grevenbroich. Knowing the area I should have known better but I found some heavenly breakfast entering Rommerskirchen. Eating improved my speed by 30% again.

The track and improvements can be found here.